Invitatio Event Booking System

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Event Planning and Booking System

SBA is proud to present its brand new project – INVITATIO EVENT SYSTEM.

Advanced management tools allow to create the fully customized event website in few simple steps. It will take minutes to design and introduce the event webpage with detailed agenda and responsive registration form.

INVITATIO is mostly meant for business purpose. Almost every company hosts events annually: trainings, forums, seminars, exhibitions, celebrations, social and cultural activities, and other essential events. That’s why being familiar with advanced event management system might be really handy for every business team.

Your online event will not only look beautifull it will have all the necessary detailes! Full Agenda, Register form, Location map, Contacts, Video and more! It’s just great how can easily you can now learn to manage the event page. Take a look at examples we’ve already made and imagine how beautiful can be your own event projects!

Working with INVITATIO is easy try yourself and get people together on the big date.

Read more about INVITATIO here (external link).