IT Support & Services

We deliver IT solutions such as 365, Cloud-Computering and Web-Application since 2005.

With monthly contracts, clear agreements and low response times.
Our philosophy is based on technical possibilities, with the focus on reliability and maintenance friendly solutions that fit the business purpose.More about our way of working »

Products and Services

We support a variety of organizations with services such as IT support, web-applications, hosting, mailservices, websites, VPN-solutions, cloud-computering and VoIP.

Next to services we also sell products that fit our services, such as workstations, notebooks, servers, network-equipment and domains. We don’t offer fixed packages, but customer-oriented solutions.

ICT Support

From application support until servers

We are there to respond to daily questions and/or issues. Our servicedesk employees provide pro-active support by the use of remote management tools.

We believe in Remote Support, and a structured basis. The local environment and network are investigated and upgraded to guarantee modern Remote Support.More about ICT Support »

Voice over IP

Advanced telephony solutions

From numbers, lines, phones until the cloud-based PBX. We deliver telephony-services from our datacenter in Amsterdam. Our team is 3CX certified and ready to help you implement any call based change.

We also have the ability to customize the 3CX system via our Web-Applications.More about telephony »


Form the Business Process to an Application

By starting with the underlying Business Process we ensure the fit of the application with the daily work-related tasks. The web-applications are build upon a Base Layer, this layer contains years of development and ensures global functionality within the customized process based layer. We focus on automating the time-consuming tasks, security and integration with sub-systems.More about web-applications »

Remote desktop

Working in a secure data center

We offer opportunities to put your computer power in our secure data center. All your data is stored in our data center. You can access your company data and applications from anywhere with Microsoft Remote Desktop, naturally secured with two-step authentication, freeBSD firewalls, virus scanners and DDOS protection. 

More about remote desktop »


Our event booking system

Simply organize your event or the events of your relations via our event system. You can operate the system completely, of course we are ready to support you. After setting up your event, a website is generated immediately, ready for the registration and details of the event.More about Invitatio »

Web- and Cloud services

365, Two-step authentication, Monitoring

We provide various reliable cloud services to your company, including 365, DUO Security, RMM (Remote Monitoring Management) and web servers. In addition to web applications, you can build, maintain and renew your web site within your favorite CMS (Content Management System). 

More about web-applications »


Advanced networks

For the quality and stability of our networks, we work with open-source firewall solutions. Let us support you in complex network situations, instability and VPN bridges. No high monthly license fees for your VPN connections, but stable and secure OpenVPN bridges.

More about networking »

Support for the Travel Industry

From Amadeus, Travel-Case to Flight APIs

From Amadeus, Travel-Case to Flight APIs Looking for a partner who is aware of the techniques and working method within the travel industry? We support various parties with Amadeus solutions, AIR files, specialized e-mail solutions and various travel related administration systems. 

More about SBA and the Travel Industry » »

Hosting & VPS

We bring your services to life

Looking for a stable, reliable solution to host your web-site or do you need a server for business purposes. We offer all kinds of servers, from FreeBSD to Windows, installed and ready within 15 minutes. There are 3 types of hosting-management systems available for hosting your web-sites, cPanel, DirectAdmin and Plesk.More about networking »

Project management

Smart with time, costs and communication

Many ICT projects have an unclear course in terms of time, costs or communication. By linking the project to the business process, the required functionalities and priorities are clear. We then sacrifice the project on the basis of this process, so that costs are manageable and explainable. By putting all steps clearly on paper, a realistic estimate of time can be made. To prevent unforeseen costs, we work with revision moments, which are included in the quotation. The feedback is then bundled and discussed at fixed times. This keeps the process clear and manageable.

More about project managment »



Our products and services are designed to continuously improving your business process. Through BPM (Business Process Modeling), we ensure that every project is precisely customized and seamlessly fits the corporate needs.