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Simply manage your own users

Do you want the ability to manage your own users in a user-friendly tool? This is now very easy with our tool the “Customer Portal”. In the Customer Portal you can see all user accounts that exist within your organization.

You can apply rights to a mailbox, adjust email aliases or give rights to another folder or disk. These actions are easy to perform in the Customer Portal.
It is also possible to create, block and delete users yourself.

All actions […]


Microsoft Teams Training

It is essential to keep in touch with colleagues, especially now that most people are working from home because of the Corana virus.

Microsoft Teams is the ideal program to use for proper communication with your team. Stay in touch together by chatting and calling or working together in files.

Teams is a relatively new platform for many businesses that is why we offer an online training. In this training we will discuss with the functionality of Microsoft Teams and […]


Working at home? Use Microsoft Teams for the best communication!

Working at home? Currently many employees are working at home. Losing your social environment with your colleagues. There is less communication with eachother and you are not sure who is busy and with what. By working together in Microsoft Teams you can easily communicate and share files with eachother.

Currently many employees are working at home. Losing your social environment with your colleagues. There is less communication with eachother and you are not sure who is busy and with what. […]


Innovation is essential!

When it comes to IT the development goes so fast, it’s hard to compete. And yet only in 2018 SBA spent more than 700 hours on technical research and product invention with implementing IOT in industrial environments and making labour easier by automation of processes. So for the coming 2020 we set the bigger goals on developing innovative solutions!


New! 3CX Live Chat & Talk

3CX has launched v16 with new functionalities including the Live Chat & Talk function.

What does this mean exactly?

On your website you can activate the 3CX Live Chat & Talk function (if these are compatible with each other). Clients can then start a conversation with 1 of your employees through the window that is shown.

We are also using this function ourselves. If you go to our home page you will see the 3CX function appear in the right buttom. […]


Purchase program

On request from Uniglobe Two Travel we developed the new application for invoices processing.
Uniglobe Two Travel team had no simple way to process purchase invoices. Based on this, we created the purchase program with desired options and simplicity in processing the correct data.
This is how it works: when the system gets the e-mail with the invice attached, it recognizes it directly and saves as a PDF. This document appears in the table’s section “To be processed”. The PDF-invoice can […]


Davina Michelle artist website.

The new website for the rising Dutch music artist Davina Michelle is launched on 15-03-2019. This happenned together with the release of her new single “Skyward”.
We explored the wishes together with Sub-Bass Music Group and Davina Michelle to create the best fit for the talented singer and her band.
To give the website a fresh look, we installed a new template that is especially designed for arts industry. A number of features was, amongst them is a homepage section with […]


SBA Scan App

SBA Scan App is an easy-to-use multi-purpose application. Everything with a QR or the  Barcode is processable. Read more about the application in the full article.
The SBA Scan App has been developed by SBA for an easy update of your inventory – scan anything that has a barcode or QR code.
The app offers more options than just scanning products. It’s possible to select the desired list in which the product is stored. With the extra fields, you can add […]


SBA is now PCI-DSS compliant!

SBA is now certified to the new PCI Security Standards.
The PCI DSS applies to ANY organization, regardless of size or number of transactions, that accepts, transmits or stores any cardholder data. Hence, the PCI Security Standards affect the lives of hundreds of millions of people worldwide.
As a company providing IT services to many organizations applying to new security obligations, SBA got its certification of PCI compliance in order to ensure the highest level of security.


How to connect professionals via your event

“The Future of Everything? It’s about People connecting with People.” – Brian Solis.
At the times of Human2Human digital marketing it’s important to implement social functions into projects. That’s why we have recently developed the LinkedIn connection feature in our Invitatio Event System App. Whether you organize the event or join it, as long as you have your LinkedIn option activated, you can link with other subscribers via the biggest social network. Make more connections and meet other professionals while organizing, […]