Outdoor Sports Agenda and Activities Sign-Ups for “Aad van Loon Sport”.

We love sports! And yet we gave up on our working out routine during the quarantine weeks. So when our gym “Aad van Loon Sport” reopened for the outdoor trainings, we joined the new sports agenda. However due to the governmental rules, such activities are still limited to the number of people. To make group lesson subscriptions easier and avoid phone call queues, we created the online registration page for all the outdoor trainings.

Full training agenda comes with […]


Beauty by Sweden: Oriflame Kicks Off 2020 with INVITATIO Event System

Together with
Oriflame, a global beauty company selling direct in over 60 international
markets, we created events with some new administrative features, especially
designed to appreciate the incentive system for Oriflame’s beauty consultants.

The Swedish Beauty
Giant is famous for its international signature events. That’s why our goal is
to offer not only the effortless event administration, but an exclusive design
and well-developed event page functionality.

What helped us make
Oriflame events look truly unique? The company’s brand styling kit and our own
effort to design a brand-new […]


PREMIUM Automation Program for CWM Survey & Inspection B.V.

SBA helps CWM Survey & Inspection B.V. to organize their digital paperwork and create precise administration.

As a company in international trading affairs, CWM knows the procedures and import/export requirements of many different countries and their customs offices. Paperwork, time-management struggles, human factor and other circumstances affecting the work process.  

The PREMIUM web application delivers CWM advantages with automated checks of new orders, easy planning, formatted input data, clear communication and quick digital delivery of the needed paperwork to their clients. Not only helping CWM to reduce cost and time, but […]


Simply manage your own users

Do you want the ability to manage your own users in a user-friendly tool? This is now very easy with our tool the “Customer Portal”. In the Customer Portal you can see all user accounts that exist within your organization.

You can apply rights to a mailbox, adjust email aliases or give rights to another folder or disk. These actions are easy to perform in the Customer Portal.
It is also possible to create, block and delete users yourself.

All actions […]


Microsoft Teams Training

It is essential to keep in touch with colleagues, especially now that most people are working from home because of the Corana virus.

Microsoft Teams is the ideal program to use for proper communication with your team. Stay in touch together by chatting and calling or working together in files.

Teams is a relatively new platform for many businesses that is why we offer an online training. In this training we will discuss with the functionality of Microsoft Teams and […]


Working at home? Use Microsoft Teams for the best communication!

Working at home? Currently many employees are working at home. Losing your social environment with your colleagues. There is less communication with eachother and you are not sure who is busy and with what. By working together in Microsoft Teams you can easily communicate and share files with eachother.

Currently many employees are working at home. Losing your social environment with your colleagues. There is less communication with eachother and you are not sure who is busy and with what. […]


Innovation is essential!

When it comes to IT the development goes so fast, it’s hard to compete. And yet only in 2018 SBA spent more than 700 hours on technical research and product invention with implementing IOT in industrial environments and making labour easier by automation of processes. So for the coming 2020 we set the bigger goals on developing innovative solutions!


We have a big update on INVITATIO Event System! New features are added!

Easy Page Styling – you don’t need any HTML, CSS knowledge or a professional help to style your event page. You can easily adjust the event page to your personal tastes, brand image, client wishes, etc. with the new INVITATIO Styling settings.

As of now, you can also upload the event media directly from the front page and let the event subscribers add and share images via INVITATIO App!

Have a Guest Star? Highlight the key figures of […]


SBA presents the new business gear – Quote Generating Tool!

Quote Generating Tool – is the new system application that we have first delivered to the industrial vehicle business of one of our clients.
We aimed to create the tool that helps to automate the offer making process. Once you have the product details in the tool system, your quotation can be generated in minutes! See it as a constructor – you simply build up the offer with the required options, choosing from the existing list.
Translations – another handy feature! […]


Purchase program

On request from Uniglobe Two Travel we developed the new application for invoices processing.
Uniglobe Two Travel team had no simple way to process purchase invoices. Based on this, we created the purchase program with desired options and simplicity in processing the correct data.
This is how it works: when the system gets the e-mail with the invice attached, it recognizes it directly and saves as a PDF. This document appears in the table’s section “To be processed”. The PDF-invoice can […]