Invoice converter for “D-rt Groep”.

SBA recently completed a project for the “D-rt Group”, which includes the 450 travel agencies of “D-Reizen” and “VakantieExpress”.
As a large, well-developed company, “D-rt Groep” has many suppliers who, in addition to providing the required services, also provide administrative burdens. By converting the invoices from these suppliers to the ANVR standard in the travel industry, the “D-rt Group” administration package can automatically read the invoices. With exceptions, D-rt team can make the necessary corrections themselves to have the invoice […]


SBA presents the new business gear – Quote Generating Tool!

Quote Generating Tool – is the new system application that we have first delivered to the industrial vehicle business of one of our clients.
We aimed to create the tool that helps to automate the offer making process. Once you have the product details in the tool system, your quotation can be generated in minutes! See it as a constructor – you simply build up the offer with the required options, choosing from the existing list.
Translations – another handy feature! […]


New! 3CX Live Chat & Talk

3CX has launched v16 with new functionalities including the Live Chat & Talk function.

What does this mean exactly?

On your website you can activate the 3CX Live Chat & Talk function (if these are compatible with each other). Clients can then start a conversation with 1 of your employees through the window that is shown.

We are also using this function ourselves. If you go to our home page you will see the 3CX function appear in the right buttom. […]


Purchase program

On request from Uniglobe Two Travel we developed the new application for invoices processing.
Uniglobe Two Travel team had no simple way to process purchase invoices. Based on this, we created the purchase program with desired options and simplicity in processing the correct data.
This is how it works: when the system gets the e-mail with the invice attached, it recognizes it directly and saves as a PDF. This document appears in the table’s section “To be processed”. The PDF-invoice can […]


Davina Michelle artist website.

The new website for the rising Dutch music artist Davina Michelle is launched on 15-03-2019. This happenned together with the release of her new single “Skyward”.
We explored the wishes together with Sub-Bass Music Group and Davina Michelle to create the best fit for the talented singer and her band.
To give the website a fresh look, we installed a new template that is especially designed for arts industry. A number of features was, amongst them is a homepage section with […]


SBA Scan App

The Scan Scan App is an easy-to-use multi-purpose application. Everything with a QR or the  Barcode is processable. Read more about the application in the full article.
The SBA Scan App has been developed by SBA for an easy update of your inventory – scan anything that has a barcode or QR code.
The app offers more options than just scanning products. It’s possible to select the desired list in which the product is stored. With the extra fields, you can […]


SBA is moved to

Good news! SBA
website is now officially moved to the domain address Check out our
renovated website on its new location – simply!

Our emails
are also changed to …, but you can still reach us via old website and


New Sensors and Tracking Software to monitor and display vessels data.

SBA has recently developed the ship data tracking software for Monitrax BV.
This company focuses on the visualized ship data for the improvement of sailing profiles and other systems on board.
In short, there are sensors installed on board of the vessel to collect the data of all available systems. This would be mostly the data collected from the rotating parts on board of the vessel (engines, pumps), vessel location and tank level to get a complete overview of the performance […]


SBA is the Golden Partner of 3CX Phone System!

Our certified employees provide the advanced knowledge on installing, explaining and supporting your own 3CX Phone System, which has been recently given a 5-star editor’s choice recognition by the editors at IT Pro.
With 3CX, deployment of your PBX is straightforward and flexible. Whether you choose to set up in the Cloud or on-premise, 3CX offers a solution for everyone.
Also, when it comes to VoIP security, 3CX sets the standard. 3CXs inbuilt security has been exclusively developed to protect your […]


Try our Event Software for FREE!

FREE Demo-version of INVITATIO Event System is now available! Contact us, try demo yourself, create the event page and check if you like it!
We bet INVITATIO can be a system you’d love to use If your business specializes in communications, media and marketing and you are involved into planning and organizing loads of events!
Invitatio Event System is a  brand new B2B  event and ticketing system and perfectly fits businesses focused on following:

Organizing and hosting all kind of events: Public, Private, Professional, Music, Sport […]