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We bet INVITATIO can be a system you’d love to use If your business specializes in communications, media and marketing and you are involved into planning and organizing loads of events!
Invitatio Event System is a  brand new B2B  event and ticketing system and perfectly fits businesses focused on following:

Organizing and hosting all kind of events: Public, Private, Professional, Music, Sport […]


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INVITATIO APP is now available for free in the Apple Store and Google Play!
The latest version of Invitatio APP features the updates of all your events, chat with event organizers, LinkedIn connection for event subscribers (if activated), event information when offline, push notifications and other handy functions.
If you are already an INVITATIO user, download the app and simply register with your email!


SBA is now PCI-DSS compliant!

SBA is now certified to the new PCI Security Standards.
The PCI DSS applies to ANY organization, regardless of size or number of transactions, that accepts, transmits or stores any cardholder data. Hence, the PCI Security Standards affect the lives of hundreds of millions of people worldwide.
As a company providing IT services to many organizations applying to new security obligations, SBA got its certification of PCI compliance in order to ensure the highest level of security.


How to connect professionals via your event

“The Future of Everything? It’s about People connecting with People.” – Brian Solis.
At the times of Human2Human digital marketing it’s important to implement social functions into projects. That’s why we have recently developed the LinkedIn connection feature in our Invitatio Event System App. Whether you organize the event or join it, as long as you have your LinkedIn option activated, you can link with other subscribers via the biggest social network. Make more connections and meet other professionals while organizing, […]


KLM is testing a new project by SBA

Our new project is made on the special request by 4PL for KLM Cityhopper.
As the company constantly uses services of multiple taxi companies hired all over Europe for the flight and ground crew, the number of incoming invoices each month requires enormous amount of time and human resources to put all of them in order. And this is where the new project by SBA becomes a real solution – precise and efficient!
The fully automated system generates invoices for company’s […]


Mobile web-interface for a robot

SBA developed a web-interface for a robot! The new software allows the robot to be controlled with every (mobile) device.
We used the most recent and stable web-techniques to scale the interface dynamically.
The web-application connects with a socket to the rasberry PI inside the robot, the rasberry processes the signals to the sensors and engines of the robot.
The robot scans the environment for the dimensions and obstacles, these will be real-time available on the web-interface (even on mobile devices).
Contact us […]


Staff is the weakest element in your security!

Even though your IT-security is really good, it appears from various researches that the weakest link is the employee.
Unfortunately, technical security measures alone do not provide sufficient protection.
Awareness is becoming increasingly important as most security issues arise mainly through careless handling.
For example, in most cases an incident begins with the opening of an e-mail.
The employee clicks the URL in the mail or opens an attachment that contains malware.
All the smart tricks from cybercriminals are made to acquire the sensitive […]


WannaCry Ransomeware Encryption Virus

Dear customer,
You might not escape the big ransomware attack on Friday, 12th May. This attack caused loads of contagions all over the world.
The WannaCry ransomware is a hostage software that allows hackers to encrypt your files, leaving you unable to access your files. Once the WannaCry ransomware has encrypted your files, they ask money for the decryption. We highly recommend not to pay because it is very uncertain whether the key will ever be delivered.
However, Microsoft has rolled out […]


Online Event Page doesn’t have to look boring anymore!

Still using these common and a bit boring agenda-makers in your social webs? They might be enough to add some regular occasion to your calendar, but there is definitely no sparkle there when you want to interest people with some really special event!
You can count likes and shares (just like we do), but you cannot rely on these when it comes to getting everyone together on the big date. People simply might avoid social pages (and yes, we know […]


3CX: The business telephony solution for any enterprising company

3CX is a software-based open standard IP PBX that offers fully unified communication functions and affordable solutions.
At same time your business gets a number of advantages, like:

Easy installation and management
Cutting your phone bills by using SIP trunks / VoIP providers
Productivity boost with unified communications: status, chat
Mobility: works with Android and iOS clients
Integrated Video Conferencing using WebRTC
Local installation of the implementation in the Cloud

These are some of the many 3CX advantages. Employees are the part of an optimally accessible organization: […]