SBA Implements ticket system for UNIGLOBE Travel Alliance

SBA presents a special custom-made ticket system for UNIGLOBE Alliance Travel.
Our innovation is based on the open source ticket system osTicket. The new ticket system will involve absolutely new way of working, so it can be efficiently performed. Think of the easier and faster communicating with customers and partnes, the simple mapping applications, modifying or other communications with any departments, teams or individual employees.
OsTicket is an open-source web-based ticketing system that is used within organizations. This system is also […]


SBA is recognized as a learning company by SBB

SBA is recognized as a learning company by Samenwerkingsorganisatie Beroepsonderwijs Bedrijfsleven (SBB).
Through this recognition by SBB we can offer student (MBO) a internship.
We offer the following internships:

Medewerker beheer ICT (niveau 3)
ICT-beheerder (niveau 4)
Applicatie en mediaontwikkelaar (niveau 4)
Netwerk en mediabeheer (niveau 4)

You can find us on where all our internships opportunities are indicated.
For more information you can contact us via 010 34 000 47 or


Amadeus 3008923

Since the Microsoft update KB3008923 was installed, the Amadeus dialogues don’t work correctly.
Amadeus Austria has previously released an update on Dec 15, 2014, which can be downloaded here (external link).

Download the file
Run the file
Follow possible steps
Restart Internet Explorer
Go to (external link).

Frequently Asked Questions
What this update does? This update puts 2 values to the Windows register to make the problem occure no longer.
Does this update work if KB3008923 is not installed? No, this update has no sense if KB3008923 is not installed.
Is the update preventive? This is currently unclear.
For comments or questions, please let us know.


Phishing & Scamware

In the past viruses (shortly – malware) were the most popular method of PC users bother. Today there two new popular movements: phishing and scamware.
Both methods are based on deceiving the user. In case of phishing this is the attempt to convince the user that the message comes from a trusted third party. These emails often include:

“Dear valued customer,
You have a new security upate from ING Bank.
Please Log in to your account to confirm this update.
Update your online banking.
ING Bank Nederland
Handelsregister Leeuwarden nr. 67891431”.

Thereafter ‘Update uw online […]