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Our product portfolio is very diverse, this is partly due to the different wishes of our customers.

On this page we try to inform you and get acquainted with the most important products. If you are looking for a specific product and can not find this directly you can contact us. In most cases we can still deliver the product or advise you.

Our products

Network equipment

We supply routers, switches, firewall appliances and other network accessories. Also in combination with services such as VPN (remote work).

Domains & Hosting

Your domains are recorded within minutes and possibly directly linked to a space for your web site. In addition, the choice to manage it yourself or have this done by us.


Windows, Office and other software packages are essential for professional business operations.

Computer systems

Workstations, Servers, Notebooks and their accessories are available by us. This may involve A-brand systems, but also systems assembled by us that precisely meet the requirements of the user.

PBX & Voip equipment

SBA provides VOIP services and products to support these services. This mainly concerns VOIP devices and PBX software such as 3CX.