Remote desktop

Working from a secure data center.

Working in the cloud, remote desktop, is a functionality that allows you to remotely access your ICT environment. In most cases this goes through Microsoft Remote Desktop.

This way we can remotely help with your computer problems and try to solve them directly for you.

You connect to our data center via your laptop, thin-client, desktop or telephone. We check your identity by means of a username and password, if this is correct we will send a notification or SMS to your phone to verify your login attempt. Then you will see your work environment, with your daily applications and files.

We currently have two data center locations, in Rotterdam and in Amsterdam. This allows us to ensure that your equipment is always available. Both data centers also meet all safety standards, ISO certifications and redundancy. Within the data center, we virtualize your solution to ensure availability. If a server fails, you will automatically be migrated to another one. We also automatically copy your data every 4 hours to our other data center.

We base the costs of the data center on the number of simultaneous users, so you do not pay unnecessarily for part-timers.