Our prices

Price Unit Condition
Excl. VAT Incl. VAT
€ 100,00 € 121,00 per hour within office hours
€ 200,00 € 242,00 per hour outside office hours
€ 0,45 € 0,55 per kilometer
€ 35,00 € 42,35 per visit

We offer SLA agreements with different pricing, please contact us for an actual quote. Volume discounts may apply in case of projects.

Contact about prices

SBA  strives to be clear in prices and agreements. The prices should not be a surprise, but should be clear and above all understandable.

Feel free to ask us about our rates and what is possible for you.

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Shipping and handling charges

SBA does not charge administration costs and/or shipping costs for the service, unless this is specifically stated with the product, quotation or during contact.