Remote support

Remote Support

We prefer remote support, to prevent time on the road while your systems are not working properly. The remote support contract starts with a complete scan of the actual sitation. We check the whole package: network solutions, software, hardware and all associated supplements including warranty. It is common that changes are required after the scan – for example, computers with expired warranty, old modems and poor cabling. Also software must be in order in terms of updates, licenses, etc. In our vision the Remote Support starts with a proper basis, otherwise it is just counterproductive.

For Remote Support we use VPN-connections, terminal services and VNC. These techniques enable us to support you within a few seconds, even if you are currently logged in to your workstation remotely.

We usually fix the problem directly after it’s reported or within a short time. In many cases problems occur when you are in business process. In that case we can offer you to start working on another system or solve the problem after working hours.


Here you will find terms and conditions for our consumers:

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We can check on the issues via the phone using the ‘Remote Help‘ link and/or instructions.