Projects - SBA volunteers as an IT-expert to help a tour operator in Rwanda.

SBA volunteers as an IT-expert to help a tour operator in Rwanda.

Project Description

This year is tough on everyone. Especially on developing countries. That’s why SBA gladly joined a volunteering initiative led by Dutch volunteer organization PUM Netherlands Senior Experts.

PUM (Programma Uitzending Managers) facilitates the growth of SMEs in developing countries and emerging markets and create a positive impact on the economy, environment and society. One of the organization’s volunteering experts happens to be our old friend and partner Coos ten Siethoff, who shares his travel management expertise with startup projects in developing countries.

As a company with IT-services expertise we united with Coos to help solving IT issues for a tour operator “Virunga Ecotours” in Rwanda. This company was struggling with some website improvements in order to offer a complete overview of the agency’s services: tour information, tour packages, booking inquiry forms, etc.… . There were also some backend adjustments that needed to be assisted with: WordPress functions, mobile view settings, media placement, Search Engine Optimization and more. We also helped writing website development manuals and fixing some more complicated issues ourselves. And the most important thing is the knowledge we passed to help a small business evolve its performance online.

Ultimately, all the relevant information could be published online, including the tour packages and the booking form. Hopefully, when corona crisis is over and traveling to and in beautiful Rwanda is possible again, our Rwandan colleagues can show the best of Africa! In the meantime you can follow their updates on Virunga Ecotours. If you would also like to contribute as an expert, check  volunteering options on PUM.

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