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Automated billing system for KLM

Our new project is made on the special request by 4PL for KLM Cityhopper.

As the company constantly uses services of multiple taxi companies hired all over Europe for the flight and ground crew, the number of incoming invoices each month requires enormous amount of time and human resources to put all of them in order. And this is where the new project by SBA becomes a real solution – precise and efficient!

The fully automated system generates invoices for company’s monthly costs, turning the whole process other way around. The counting is based on data overview – flight agenda, number of crew members, amount and length of taxi rides and so on. A company can now save its resources dramatically by using the new system’s ability to create an accurate summary of all the services provided by the other parties. And then this is the other party’s responsibility to check the exactness of data and agree on it. But of course it is always possible to correct and add the information manually in case of any circumstances.

After an initial test phase we expect the feedback from KLM, so that will allow us to develop the new system to its perfect point!

Originally posted 2018-04-16 10:54:07.

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