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New Sensors and Tracking Software to monitor and display vessels data.

SBA has recently developed the ship data tracking software for Monitrax BV.

This company focuses on the visualized ship data for the improvement of sailing profiles and other systems on board.

In short, there are sensors installed on board of the vessel to collect the data of all available systems. This would be mostly the data collected from the rotating parts on board of the vessel (engines, pumps), vessel location and tank level to get a complete overview of the performance of the vessel.

All the actual measurements and data should be delivered to the head- or site office. Here SBA had the goal to reach the absolute security and stable internet-connections to provide the sensors data with a super-speed!

To achieve this, our specialists designed and built the black box’s webserver, web-applications and all the necessary and secure networking (VPN-bridge) to indicate the sensors and send their visualized data every 0,001 second. SBA also provided and installed 2 screens to translate the sensors data directly to the captain’s bridge and the engine room.

This project brought us to the new level of the software development for specialized equipment and the complex networking architecture, giving us the further opportunities to increase our IT-expertise.

Originally posted 2018-07-16 07:24:07.

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