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Online Event Page doesn’t have to look boring anymore!

Still using these common and a bit boring agenda-makers in your social webs? They might be enough to add some regular occasion to your calendar, but there is definitely no sparkle there when you want to interest people with some really special event!

You can count likes and shares (just like we do), but you cannot rely on these when it comes to getting everyone together on the big date. People simply might avoid social pages (and yes, we know enough of professionals who honestly hate fb, twitters, Instagram and don’t even use them).

And what if you are a professional yourself or even a company specializing on all kind of events? Then you want to invite your partners, clients and friends via direct access to the nice webpage with all the details and user-friendly layout.

So why don’t you just use the professional and yet simple tool to create the good-looking event page and let everyone see the full agenda and directly register themselves.

Let’s say you’re a travel agency and give your customers regular thematic tours. We made up our own example based on the most popular requires in this field. We didn’t hesitate to be unoriginal and created the Gastronomic Tour event page to show the worth of simplicity and yet the great abilities of the specially made online event system. The invitation page looks just yammi!

We didn’t even use all the administration options, they are many enough to customize and specify every event, make it just tailored! Among other options, you’ll get the simple administration, online payment system, custom CSS, various registration form fields, background slide-show, advanced schedule, location map and many more cool features. Check yourself, we bet you will like it!

Welcome to our delicious example event page!

Originally posted 2018-02-16 12:19:13.

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