Projects - Taxi service automated billing application for KLM

Taxi service automated billing application for KLM

Project Description

KLM uses ground taxi services all over Europe for the flight crew, so the number of incoming invoices requires enormous amount of time and human resources to put them in order. And this is where the new project by SBA becomes a real solution – precise and efficient!

What we did first, looking at the whole process, is we decided to clean and automate it as well as possible. Which brought us to all-in-one software idea – all the invoices would be pulled out of the system into one PDF document in the automatically updating logbook. Every next day this logbook would show the up-to-date flight crew schedule, taxi services provided and other related information. You can still manually edit or surcharge the invoice, but after its finalized, no one can interfere and change it anymore to prevent the unnecessary mistakes. In case of need, the incorrect invoice can be corrected on request only.

The fully automated system generates invoices for company’s monthly costs, turning the whole process other way around.

Now, end of the month the automatically generated all-invoice PDF document is being sent to the taxi services provider on one click and then it’s their party business to check and confirm it! Hence, KLM accounting department and the party in between are freed from the huge amount of manual work and probably mistakes, time-loss and double checks!