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We have a big update on INVITATIO Event System! New features are added!

Easy Page Styling – you don’t need any HTML, CSS knowledge or a professional help to style your event page. You can easily adjust the event page to your personal tastes, brand image, client wishes, etc. with the new INVITATIO Styling settings.

As of now, you can also upload the event media directly from the front page and let the event subscribers add and share images via INVITATIO App!

Have a Guest Star? Highlight the key figures of the coming event, use our new custom block to introduce the event performers!

What else is new? A lot! We work hard to develop INVITATIO and make it even more creative, advanced and comfortable in use. Recommended for event professionals!

Read more about INVITATIO Event System!

Originally posted 2019-11-25 08:45:50.

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